Stars, look how they shine for us

Bentley Snowflakes. jpg Bentley Snowflake 4Bentley Snowflakes. jpgBentley Snowflake


blueberry hand

Snow reminds me of faithfulness; of present-ness, beeeeeing in the moment, and of unfailing faithfulness. It is metaphor for goodness even when well-timed promises seem to tarry so long you frankly feel you are moving at the speed of a glacier. (Science says that on average that’s less than half a kilometer or 300 yards a year).

How beautiful are the star shapes of a snowflake not? Its glossy glistening petals. And woah, the star shape inside a blueberry …. HAVE you seeeeen it?

Baffles the mind!!

Snowflakes and blueberry-stars are like people -amazingly created, multifaceted, every curve and bend with a purpose, dignity and plan. AND just like blueberries make your lips blue, each one tells their own story. We all are.

Breathing in, breathing out. Faaaaaaaaaaaaar beyond precious.


Images: the Snow Crystal is taken by Wilson Bentley, “The Snowflake Man.”

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  1. Sharleen says:

    Wonderful post!
    Never thought about the connection of the snowflake and blueberry until u brought it to my attention.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Marianne says:

      Thanks Sharleen. It was a joy to write it with you in mind. X

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