South America// Jaguar

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Arkeeeee (12 of 12)

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Each print comes with the unique story booklet related to the real Jaguar, AND a complimentary hand-folded measuring tape star Brooch. For Juliette the Juggling-Mama Jaguar story, visit the blog here

Important deeeeets:

  • Only 20 prints are made EVER.
  • Sold framed or unframed on A4 paper
  • Diameter of frame: 20 cm
  • Printed onto archival Photorag paper Hahnemule GSM 308, with the only Inkjet printer in Cape Town that can print neon colour. This is a fancy way of saying this piece has VIVID COLOUR and will last for at least 20 years or more, if kept at 10-30 degrees celcius.
  • Our frames are loving hand crafted by Mark, Vanessa and Sean from a best kept Woodstock secret, with locally grown, re-purposed pine wood from a local supplier. The back of the frame is covered with brown framers paper and a Sawtooth hook for eeeeeeasy, instant, hanging on all kinds of hooks.