Renew// Droplets of Life Cry out from the Tarmac

mars-victoria crator

rings of life

serval cat


I saw a Serval Cat on Friday who had succumb to road kill, and was stricken at how something so beautiful lay crushed and broken leaking its life into the ground. His beautiful fluffy spotted tail lay limp beside his body. AS IF nooobody cared!!!

Then yesterday I was driving home from Stellenbosch with menacing yellow sirens all around and a road blocked wiiiiide by cops and night. The body lay still and the policeman’s answer confirmed it. SHUCKS!!

The car filled with the qualms and moans of a pensive quiet. It made me realise AGAIN that life is sooooo precious and sooooo WORTH living.  Those people I need to call. Those things I need to let go of and forgive. Those dreams that are just too important to look away from… Let’s go after them.

A special shout out to those who have lost someone recently.  In memory of Erhard Victor E. Wolf, my late Grandfather – the wonderful man with 9 lives.