Our Story

According to the World Wildlife Fund’s 2015 annual report at the going rate of habitat loss, the world’s animal life will be halved by 2050! Say whaaat?! This effect will reach far beyond the potential loss of precious species like rhinos, tigers and whales. If we continue over consuming and using resources as we are, there simply won’t be any animals left for our families to enjoy.

As I am a qualified Montessori teacher and illustrator, it is my personal quest to help you to celebrate the AWESOME intricacies of wild animals and offer you not only well researched SUSTAINABLY designed products that are gentler for the planet but the opportunity to stand as an Arkeeeee Animal Ambassador © in your world.

Arkeeeee currently employs more than three pairs of local hands and aims to expand the support of marginalised mothers and children, in the local Houtbay and Woodstock community and beyond.

But why Arkeeee? Arkeeeee is derived from the word Archipelago – it is a sanctuary in teeming waters away from the mainstream, a real connection- an ark.

Marianne xx

Cape Town, ZA.