a Happy Dead Chameleon




The other day I was driving home from a there-are-no-lemons in the house emergency when suddenly, like a flash, a lumo-lime green Chameleon appeared crossing the road with its lovely L-shaped feet. I pulled over to help it but before I could… the car behind me zoomed flat-out and squashed it! Eeeeek! When I picked it up, its panting body was still warm, and it curled its tail around my little finger. I was crushed with him and as I drove home I was so angry that he had to die.

He was bright green as he crossed the black tarry road. What was he trying to teach me, this Chameleon always associated with flexibility and adaption and such things? In my heart I felt that though there is a black abyss of negativity and choices-dark all around, you need not absorb it but I can be fresh stinking lumo green. You don’t need people’s approval to be important and you certainly don’t need the right people or circumstances to make you happy. Boom.

Later that day, I went for a walk and bumped into my neighbour whose telling brought great comfort… He had seen a crow flying with a chameleon in his mouth, and when it dropped it – he ran to investigate this” animal obviously dead”. There on the grass he saw a beaming chameleon.

Hehe…. He was alive and now lives happily in happy garden doing his thang. Woah, in our dying comes a chance at new life! 

Apparently Chameleon’s are known to be partially deaf! Who can tell us more about that?


Image credit: Frank Winkler – Maselheim Germany