Firelilies, Fatal Boo-boos, and Hummingbird tongues

humming stars

Red hot poker

Allens Hummingbird

Firelily blooms and bird

ladybug blackberry

There is this Proverb that says, “the wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of the enemy”. Words can poke holes into your reality. They are daggers, swords, switchblades. See the flashes of light off amber-red machetes?

HOWEVERRRRR, in the right hands, the self-same tools are also pen-knives that can cut apples for children on mountain walks, that clear the brambles and briars on the way to the princess, and the scalpels that can cut-to-heal dangerous festering wounds.

It feels good when a friend won’t leave you with a blob of meringue on your nose or when she cares enough to say, “Hello sister, those joggers have a two huge holes, aaaaand (shhhhhhhhht) they’re on your BOTTOM!!” Its the kind of love that says we won’t leave friends to suffer shame and humiliation. I diiiiiiiiiiiiig that!

I marvel at how the stars seem to gather in the shape of a hummingbird, how Torch lilies (aka Red Hot Pokers) and Hummingbirds, ladybirds and blackberries are designed to help each other do life better. Without knowing it these plants and animals they help each other- they cross pollinate flora and nourish their young.

Did you know a hummingbird baby is no larger than a penny? Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.


With thanks to Wladimir Rupcich from Valparaiso, Chile, for the Hummingbird Constellation; Brigitte Werner from Canim Lake, British Coloumbia, Canada for the Allen Hummingbird and Daria Glodowska for the Ladybug and the Blackberry.