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  • Funny Fennel Fanatic

    Its been windy in Cape Town forever. My friend Nicole and I went for a walk on the beach because it was beautiful out. For the first time in weeks the howling and hurtling winds that have been shaking up the Peninsula -died down. Last time I went for a run the sand stuck to […]

  • Reptiles
  • a Happy Dead Chameleon

        The other day I was driving home from a there-are-no-lemons in the house emergency when suddenly, like a flash, a lumo-lime green Chameleon appeared crossing the road with its lovely L-shaped feet. I pulled over to help it but before I could… the car behind me zoomed flat-out and squashed it! Eeeeek! When […]

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  • Vic the Happy White Lion

    Victor was rescued from the discontinued Tygerberg Zoo in Cape Town. He now lives at the Drakenstein Lion Park, Paarl in a large field of golden grass and trees. He has healthy white hair and a cute curious nose. What I like about this Lion Park is that they don’t permit canned hunting and that […]

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  • Quinta the Palpable Platypus

    What walks like an Iguana, has a beak like a duck, fur like a beaver, lays eggs and uses echo-location to find dinner? It’s Quinta, the poke-able Platypus from Tasmania. This lovely family are called the Monotremes, one of only three amazing mammals that lay eggs instead of having live young. Quinta is quite the […]